50 reviews

3D Salida

marker Salida, Colorado


50 reviews
Carlos Cornette

Know the manager he is a super nice guy and thay are always willing two help I just choose two shop else were
Chris Sosa

Sold me sloppy joints and a disposable vape with a half dead battery I wouldn't recommend this place to others.
Gigi Pizarro

drove over an hour for a specific strain that was listed in stock online. Only option is to order online atm. Leafly is the platform they're using. They advertise cheaper prices online than in store as well. Ended up paying 120$ for mediocre, dry, pre packaged bud. The 'top shelf' sensi star is loaded with seeds 35$ an 1/8 and they only offers 10% for med discount. save your $$ and go elsewhere. The budtender failed to give me a receipt also, so that's a huge violation of the MED. feel like I got ripped off. not worth it.
Joey Box

Great service! Great prices and always has all of the best deals! If youre in Salida and looking for the best place to go.. 3D is the place to go
Marina Ramos

I always go to 3D for my weed related needs. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They keep the store well stocked and clean. They also tend to have the best deals.