How to Choose CBD

So, you’re interested in CBD and you’d be surprised just how many people use it to receive its benefits. And ever since the substance was legalized in some states, everybody has been talking about it. What is it all about, though? And if you’re looking to try CBD, how do you choose the CBD oil products, or just CBD products in general? 

You probably already know this, but let’s go over some basics…

CBD means cannabidiol. It is a chemical that is part of cannabis and hemp. Does this mean that it makes you high? No. Cannabis is made up of two main parts: CBD and THC, which is the substance that has a psychoactive reaction. CBD can be used to make you feel relaxed and as a medical substance.

Some proven use cases for CBD include addressing anxiety and offering some relief from chronic pains. You have to be cautious and choose your products wisely, however.

To avoid issues, you have to research well before acquiring this product. What brand will you use? Is it tested in labs? Is it full-spectrum or a CBD isolate? What dosage to start with? These are very important details. Fortunately, you’ll find all the answers in this article to help you choose the right CBD for you.

Would You Like the CBD Brand You Choose to be Lab Tested?

When using any kind of medical product, it is always important to be aware of any risks to your health. Many people think that they should not worry when using CBD products because they are tested by the government. They are wrong.

Some brands have products that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but others test them on independent labs. In this case, it is always good to have transparency. Companies that post the results of their tests on their websites are much more transparent than the ones that do not and can be considered more reliable by you.

Make sure to research properly before buying anything, especially if you want to be sure that the product is efficient for the desired treatment when choosing CBD.

What Type of CBD Product Should You Use?

There are mainly two types of CBD: full-spectrum and isolate. The main difference between each kind is that full-spectrum products have more cannabinoid properties other than CBD. Some of them, for instance, contain THC as well.

Most countries only allow 0.2% of THC in oils and other products, so the dosage is really pretty low. Sometimes, however, this is enough to be caught in a drug test, so you may want to be careful when using the full-spectrum option. If you wish to avoid that, isolates may be the solution.

CBD isolate products generally come in crystals. They are the purest form of CBD and can contain up to 99.9% of the substance in their composition. You do not consume the crystals directly, however. They are generally used to create other products after they are crushed and turned into a powder.
Two popular methods of using this substance are to either eat or smoke it. Several companies sell edibles with isolate CBD in it. Others offer the product in oils so you can use it with vapes or on your skin.

What’s the Best Form of Delivery for You?

As you may have already realized, there is a wide range of ways for taking CBD. Many of these products are offered as a variety of edibles such as gummy bears or brownies. One of the reasons why they are such an interesting choice is because they can be tasty snacks and have all the desired effects at the same time. For being edibles, they are not the most interesting option for medical treatment, though, and should be preferred for recreational use.

Vape oils can be used to smoke the substance. They can be a good choice when you don’t really feel like eating it, but you want to ingest it anyway. Just mind that you need proper vaping equipment to use most of the oils. Don’t expect to get high from using this, though. Most of the CBD used in this is extracted from hemp, meaning that it has almost no THC at all.

For strict medical uses, CBD tinctures are maybe your best option. They don’t really add to the experience of “using” cannabidiol but they are very effective this way.

Finally, there is the option to use CBD balms and lotions. Unlike many other methods, this is one is not edible. They are basically lotions that you can use on your skin, so they are more focused on skin issues.

The essential fatty acids that can be found on hemp seeds are said to moisten the skin and relieve skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne. They are also commonly used for dry skin and wrinkles. Most oils also use other ingredients, only not CBD.

What Dosage Should You Start With?

Now you know everything about your options when taking CBD. However, before rushing to buy a product, you still have one last step: dosage. CBD products have a huge range of dosages, so this is not an easy task.

Dosage is important because there has to be enough of the substance for you to feel the effects at the same time that it is not too much for you. An excess can cause side-effects, while not enough of cannabidiol will not work as intended.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say what dosage is right for you without looking at your specific case. The dosage always depends on several factors. For starters, you need to know your body weight and the condition that you want to treat. Different conditions require different treatments and the heavier you are, the higher the dosage has to be. You should also take into account the concentration of the product that you want to use.
You can easily find tests online that will help you to understand more about it. Mind that they and everything that you can find online are just a start, though. It is recommended that you consult with a doctor before starting any kind of treatment.

Using this substance for fun with something like gummy bears may not require you to go see your doctor, but in case you want to start a serious treatment, you absolutely should ask for professional help to find the right dosage for you.