How CBD Oil Affects Cancer

How CBD Oil Affects Cancer

Finding out that you have cancer can be scary. People are often fearful but know that they have to do anything possible to overcome it. Treatment for cancer can vary. Some forms of treatment can be very invasive such as chemotherapy or radiation. They can cause dramatic health issues, but CBD oil can help to minimize them. The following guide walks you through a few things to know about using CBD to make battling cancer more comfortable.

CBD Can Minimize Physical and Mental Issues During Treatment

When you are battling cancer, your body and mind can go through a lot of turmoil. CBD oil can make the recovery process easier.

Minimize Physical Pain

When you battle cancer, your body can feel weak and achy. When you feel weak, you’ll be less motivated to do things throughout the day because you don’t want to feel the pain. CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory that can help to minimize some of the achings you feel. It will soothe aching joints and muscles so that you can carry on with life as comfortably as possible.

Assist with Sleeplessness

Chemotherapy and radiation have been known to cause sleeplessness. Cancer patients often claim that they have insomnia simply from the worry that comes with their diagnosis. CBD oil can help to calm your mind and body so that you can get the rest you need. In order for your body to be able to heal itself, you need ample sleep. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is easier with the help of CBD oil.

Increased Appetite

It’s common for patients to lose weight while they are going through cancer treatment. This is often because of their appetite diminishes and that it can be painful to eat. Many chemo patients state that the chemo causes their throats to feel sore and dry. The CBD oil helps to minimize the inflammation in your throat and stimulate your appetite at the same time.

Providing your body with the right nutrients is important when you are battling cancer. Eating a balanced diet provides your cells with the nutrients they need to rebuild and grow. It also provides you with the energy you need to get through the day.

Ease Dry Skin

Chemotherapy and radiation are very invasive. The treatments can dry out your skin dramatically. Using lotions that are infused with CBD oil can help. The oil helps to hydrate the skin and ensure that it stays well moisturized.

Ease Nausea Symptoms

When you get chemotherapy treatment, it can cause you to become nauseous. Your body thinks that a poisonous substance is in your system. Your body then tries to get the poison out through vomiting. Chemotherapy can also cause inflammation in your bowels. This can exasperate your feelings of nausea. CBD oil can help to reduce the inflammation in your bowels to stop nausea.

Reduce Anxiety

Going through a battle with cancer can be quite stressful. Not only do you have to worry about your health, but you have to worry about everything else in life at the same time. This can make life very difficult because of the anxiety you feel. CBD oil has been shown to minimize feelings of anxiety. Being able to calm your anxiety allows you to focus on your recovery and everything you have to face in life.

Talk to Your Doctor

Before you start using CBD oil while battling cancer, you need to talk to your doctor. You need to let him or her know that you feel that it is a safe, natural option you want to consider. He or she can let you know if they feel that it is a good option for you. They can help you determine the proper doses you need to take and how often to take it.

Choose the Most Comfortable Method of Ingestion

If you have decided to use CBD oil to treat the side effects of cancer treatment, there are many ingestion options available to you. Since your throat may be hurting, you may want to consider avoiding inhaling the oil through a vape. This could be too harsh and create more pain than needed.

Capsules are available to allow you to swallow the oil in pill form. You can also choose to add a few drops of oil to your favorite drinks or even to your favorite foods. It’s also possible to simply put a couple of drops of CBD oil under your tongue to ingest it quickly and easily.

Relief May Take Time

Depending on what side effect you are trying to treat, it may take time for you to notice a difference. Treating skin conditions may take longer than treating anxiety or increasing your appetite. You should take the oil for an extended period of time before assuming that it isn’t an effective treatment option for you.

Purchase Reputable CBD Oil

When you purchase CBD oil, you need to be sure to invest in a quality oil. A certified product has been checked thoroughly to ensure that it has as much CBD in it that the package claims. You also want to choose an organic oil. Non-organic oils could contain pesticides that you don’t want to ingest. CBD oil should be in liquid form if you plan to take it sublingually or if you plan to add it to drinks or foods that you plan to ingest. This will make it easier to add to other things seamlessly.

When you start taking CBD oil, start with small doses. You want to give the oil time for your body to absorb it. If you do not feel any change in your body or your mind, you may want to take a slightly higher dose in the future. If too much oil is taken at one time, it can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. This can include nausea, diarrhea or even constipation. Starting in small doses minimizes the chances of you taking too much oil in the beginning.

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