CBD for Autoimmune Diseases

The body can be finicky at times. There are conditions called autoimmune diseases that cause your body to attack itself. The conditions view parts of your body, such as your skin or your joints as being foreign. It then creates antibodies that it releases to attack those portions that it sees as foreign. It can create an incredibly painful situation. Many people want to treat the conditions as naturally as possible. While there are medications that can be prescribed to treat the conditions, it’s important to realize that there are other options available. Many people are turning to CBD oil to treat their autoimmune diseases because of how natural it is. Knowing more about CBD oil allows you to make the decision if it is the right treatment option for you.

Know What CBD Oil Really Is

CBD or cannabidiol is derived from the marijuana plant. Unlike ingesting marijuana, CBD won’t get you high. The THC found in marijuana is the element that creates a high sensation. CBD doesn’t create the same psychoactive feelings that THC does, but it can provide the same sense of relief from anxiety and depression. The amounts of THC found in CBD are trace amounts, which is why the high is not present.

How CBD Oil Works for Autoimmune Diseases

CBD oil triggers cannabinoid receptors within the body. This helps to restore balance without your immune system. This can minimize the effects of your disorder while decreasing inflammation throughout the body. When your autoimmune disorder makes your joints feel inflamed, the CBD oil causes your CB2 receptor to decrease the response that your immune system has and can thus make living with your condition more bearable.

CBD can Show up on Drug Tests

If you work a job that doesn’t allow you to take drugs of any sort, it’s important to know that CBD can show up on a drug test. Even though THC is barely present in CBD, the tests are so advanced that they can detect the trace amounts. If you plan to take CBD, talk to your doctor about possibly getting a prescription for it. In many states, it is legal to take and having a prescription for it can decrease the chances of you getting in trouble by your boss if you show up positive on a drug test.

CBD Oil Can be Taken in Many Different Ways

CBD oil can often be intimidating to people because they don’t know how it is taken. Many people assume that it must be ingested the same way that marijuana is, but that isn’t the case. CBD oil can be added to foods such as soups or smoothies. It doesn’t greatly impact the overall taste of the items, but still gives the same relief that it gives if taken in other ways. The oil can also be taken directly by placing a few drops beneath your tongue. This is a great option if you are somewhere without food or drinks and need relief from your symptoms. There are even vaping vials available that you can use in a traditional vape to smoke the oil.

CBD Doses Can Vary

Many people have the misconception that the doses of CBD oil are the same for everyone. That isn’t the case, though. The amount of oil that someone takes varies based on many things including their weight. You want to be sure to start off with the smallest doses possible at first and work your way up as needed. You won’t feel relief from your autoimmune disorder right away though. It could take a few doses of regular use before you really notice the difference. Studies have shown that up to 1500 mg can be tolerated by humans without causing any major medical issues though. Starting off in small doses and increasing as needed is the safest way to take the oil though.

CBD Has Limited Side Effects

Many people are fearful that if they take CBD oil they won’t be in the right state of mind. This isn’t the case, though. CBD doesn’t impact your ability to think clearly. The major side effect found with CBD is sleepiness. It calms your body and mind which can make you feel drowsy at times. It’s best to take CBD at home at first so that you can see how it affects you personally. It’s suggested not to drive on CBD oil at first. This is to ensure that you can safely operate a vehicle without putting yourself or anyone else at risk. For some people, CBD also causes GI symptoms. This is very rare, but it can cause diarrhea until your body gets used to ingesting it.

CBD Oil Should be Purchased from Trusted Distributors

There aren’t any standard regulations when it comes to the distribution of CBD oils in most areas. This means that you need to be sure that you research any manufacturer before you choose a brand of CBD oil to purchase. You need to know where the hemp that the CBD oil is derived from is grown. Make sure that no pesticides are being used to treat the hemp. There should be labeling on the packaging or you should be able to do research on the website of the manufacturer.

A reputable company should have a Certificate of Analysis. The COA indicates that the oil has been tested to ensure that the levels of THC and CBD that the company claims are reliable. If a product doesn’t have a COA, there is no way to know if the claims of THC and CBD levels are true or not.

Understand the Labeling on the Oil

When you look at the packaging of CBD oil it’s important to know what you are reading. You want to look for oil that states the CBD was derived through CO2 extraction. This means that no chemicals were used to extract the CBD from the plant. This means that carbon dioxide gas extracted the CBD with high pressure. This is the purest way to get the CBD oil and ensure that you aren’t ingesting anything that you don’t want to be ingesting.

It’s predicted that by 2022, the CBD industry will reach more than 1.8 billion dollars. The more and more popular CBD oil becomes in society, the more restrictions and monitoring will take place. It’s important to be open-minded when it comes to treating your autoimmune disease. Talk to your doctor about if they feel that it is a safe option for you. Start off in small doses and allow the oil to take full effect before you give up on it. CBD oil has been shown to be safe to take for extended periods of time, so treating your disease naturally may be a great option for you.