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Aloha Green Apothecary - Waikiki

marker Honolulu, Hawaii


15 reviews
Michael Sawyer

Alright, Ive been coming here for awhile now, both locations. And, today, they really ped me off by blatantly disrespecting their patents. So, its time to leave a review.First, the people are super nice. And, honestly, they have the cutest girls too. But, thats never the problem with these places. The real questions are quality and price.So, in regards to quality, they are the best in the state. But, thats not saying much. They have the largest selection of products, including, flowers with the highest THC concentrations and the best flavors. But, the quality isnt even remotely close to what youll find in California, Vegas, Denver, etc. They never have real headies. Its mostly varying degrees of beasters. And, Id even call some of their strands middies, but there are no seeds. So, basically, theyre an LA 6 at best.Now, pricingthey price gouge. That's all there is to it. Aloha! Green Apothecary is waaay out in left field in comparison to not only the rest of the state, but the country as well. They quite literally offer the lowest quality product, in comparison to the rest of the country, at the highest prices; i.e., 15-30% higher than California, Vegas, Denver, etc. They ask for close to $600 for an ounce of 22-23% THC beaster flowers with their lower THC strains hovering around $450-$480 an ounce. And, when they run a special they try to dump their overstocked and low THC concentration strains for $380. lol Yeah, its like that. Which leads to the blatant disrespect I experienced while attempting to shop there today.Today, they literally had the balls to ask $65 for their cheapest gram of dab concentrate. The medical cannabis industry is a cash business with no help for patents from insurance companies, and very little; if at all, in regards to government oversight when it comes to pricing. Yet, these fools have the gall to act like the medical industrial complex by artificially inflating prices on their captive market like crack dealers in the 80s.Straight up, increase the quality of your product, and stop trying to rob your patients. You think we dont see you, but we do. We definitely do
Ikaika Awana

It was a very professional and informative place with extremely helpful sales staff that know and understand how to help patients.
Rebecca Henken

Michelle Kerklo

James Speight

Clean and secure. Great quality product. Staff is friendly and willing to explain the details of all the products, thank you.