50 reviews

3C Compassionate Care Center

marker Joliet, Illinois


50 reviews
Jessica F

Very disappointing that this place has claimed to be an adult rec store but has not sold rec flower since maybe the first few weeks of the year and now no rec anything. If Joliet caps us at 3 dispensaries and they claim 1 spot, then that is absolutely ridiculous.
don Ander

Worst dispensary around totally disorganized mess employees are about as rude as can be do yourself a favor and go somewhere else they dont even deserve one star Order products that they claim they have in reality they dont have them but they refuse to take them down or tell you that until you get there and then they have the nerve to hang up on you to 3C enjoy yourself your days are numbered the next few years you wont have any business hope you go bankrupt and lose everything And as you go through reviews you will notice they do not answer one review because they dont care about you as a customer
Sergio Balino

Agree with the others. Tons of hidden rules. Went twice with my medical card came out empty handed. The rent-a-cop is terrible too. Find someone else
Graham Greene

It would be nice if you mentioned on the website that you cant enter the building for the ATM, or that you have to wait in a queue of 40+ people when you have your medical card, or if your security guard acts like youre trying to rob the place when you get out of your car because you have NONE of this on your website. While they have a good selection, it isnt worth the hassle.
Tom Gallagher

I think its the very best compassionate knowledgeable friendly and funny I dont think they have one big staff member there great place