10 reviews

Baums Natural Foods

marker Merrillville, Indiana


10 reviews
Emily Grace

Im not too impressed with this place. I got here 10 minutes before closing (6pm), and the door was already locked. The open sign was still on, and as I was walking up, I saw someone quickly scoot to the back. Its my only day off this week and I literally just needed the NOW brand of vitamin D3. I knew exactly what I wanted and needed. Another person came up about five minutes till closing (we checked our phones), and he knocked on the door. We stood there till 6pm and no one ever came to the door to even ask if they could answer a question. All I needed to know was if you had a good brand of vitamin D3 I could get. This is my third time to this store, and every time has brought a less than good experience. Its not worth your time. Either order online, or go to the vitamin shoppe nearby. Super nice and helpful people, and if they dont have what you need, theyll look it up and find it for you. Save your time and frustration with this little shop. Guest relations is everything in the small business world and if youre not going to bring it, then dont be upset when your guest dont recommend you.
Ryan Staniszeski

Friendly, knowledgeable staff, a huge array of healthy products, and a juice bar!!
Tracy Hawkins

Extremely overpriced and rude! I had heard how rude some of the clerks were in this particular store, but didnt want to believe it until I was treated extremely unprofessionally twice. I had an issue with one of the charges that I didnt recognize on my credit card and a clerk by the name of Sherry started barking at me and became extremely condescending as to where nothing was resolved and I had to politely tell her that I had a problem with her tone of voice. On another occasion a clerk was extremely rude...
Erika Sadler

I am visiting from out of town. We went to a different 'smoothie' place yesterday morning and I was not impressed. We came here this morning and the ladies were very friendly and gave great recommendations on juice and smoothies. The smoothie was very filling and the juice was real juice, just what I was looking for. Real ingredients, no added sugar. Hit the spot. I would visit often if I lived in the area!!
Gregory B. Lewis

Truly a great place to go for your supplement needs. They have a wonderful staff that is friendly and kind and one that you will find very knowledgeable of their product. My only complaint would be that some of the products are overpriced for supplements. Other than that any of their locations it's always a good time of wonderful services and order out.