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Alick's Home Medical Equipment

marker Michigan City, Indiana


18 reviews
vanessa Jones

Gwen Wilson

Customer focused, friendly service!!! Very quick to respond. Amazing service!!!
Vanessa Jones

Ricky And Jo

My opinion is I'd rather not have to depend on them for anything let alone NEED them at a vulnerable time in life. I was wondering if this was just the way it was everything a hassle and long wait,wondering if this would be my only option...things were looking bleak. Then I found out about a place 10 mins away in Laporte called Options DME. Well they did in 1 hour before closing what Alicks couldnt do in weeks with alot more cheerful compassion and genuine care. It was a night and day experience well worth 10 min drive. I know everywhere cant always make everyone happy especially ppl who are sick cranky and going thru difficult times in life already ,but shouldn't that be what a medical supply company caters to? Shouldn't they make life easier for the sick, hurting ,tired people. You shouldn't have to get higher blood pressure just to get medical needs met. Not everyone at Alicks was bad but you know what they say about 1 bad apple ruins the bunch. ...
Paula Biller

A few years back, before I worked for this wonderful company, Elizabeth & staff helped my grandma get some items, post surgery, to help aid in her recovery. That was a very difficult time for us, but they went above & beyond & my grandma STILL tells me how much she appreciates Alicks!!!