50 reviews

Atlantic Farms

marker Portland, Maine


50 reviews
Kevin Mcgovern

Best experience at a dispensary yet! Ive visited shops all over New England, Atlantic Farms is a top tier medical dispensary that never disappoints with a wide variety of quality strains from the best growers in Maine. The staff is great, extremely helpful and personable. Guaranteed to walk out here with a smile on your face, a nice bag of grass, and even a full tank of gas!
Al A

Wow. The staff here is absolutely amazing and kind. They explain everything you want to know and they dont get annoyed with questions. I'm really impressed and feel more comfortable trying new things with the professional knowledge given to me. Thank you guys so much
Donna Gareis-Spielman

Excellent selection. Knowledgeable bud tenders. Competitive prices. Super nice people.
Gannie Ganson

Wicked awsome nice people friendly and helpful
Alex Flynn

Ive been going the these for the past few months. Ive always had great experiences and the quality of product is mighty fine. The only negative experience I had was today. I made an order online like normal and when I arrived I texted like youre suppose too. I waited 15 minutes for a guy to come out and I didnt get my 5% off for online orders and the f-ing guy try to short change. I gave him $100 and he gave me $5 back on a $90 order, I had to get of my car and confront the guy to the correct amount of change back. The amount should of been $85 with the 5% off. I will really need to be desperate before I back there.