50 reviews

Blair Wellness Center

marker Baltimore, Maryland


50 reviews
Antonio Kelly

Blair comes through in the clutch but I was hurt when I found out there's no recognition for patient birthdays on top of that no reward system The highlights is the deals but I respect patients over profit all day
TayTay Cherry

Best deals. Great Cannabis. Been to almost ever dispensary in Baltimore. Definitely my favorite
Elisa Lucky Henderson

Second chance Sunday is pretty awesome idea. Can select any deal from the week and use it on Sunday! How awesome!!
Vivian Holt

BEST SELECTION OF LOOSE CONCENTRATES IN CENTRAL MARYLAND!! And they're 30% off at least 2 days out of the week. It's like a dab queen's heaven! The staff are always friendly and on point with their recommendations.
Jeremy Hewitt

Hands down my favorite facility for my MC needs. They are always well stocked, and have some of the most competitive prices around.The staff is nice and always willing to offer suggestions to help you achieve your desired needs, and with daily specials there's always something worth checking out.They have a non MMCC side that offers other holistic healing options like CBD, as well as free yoga on Tuesday evening for beginners, so you can learn various additional methods of healing to aid with our Western medicine approach to health.