50 reviews

AVAIL Vapor - Germantown

marker Germantown, Maryland


50 reviews
Alina Nazirain

Ive tried going there 2 times and both experiences were terrible. I walked in and this woman gave me this nasty attitude about my age (Im 23). It was very Uncomfortable and you can get this vibe that she either hates her job or hates when people walk into the store. She just stares at you and I left because of that. Also the prices...trash. You should try Main Street vapes in the kentlands
Maki Siraj

My first time getting a refill at this store was an amazing experience! The lady who helped me pick out flavors was very knowledgeable and best customer service experience I've had for a while. I went back for the second time and she help me pick out a new pod and a new flavor refill, I am more that satisfied with her choice and recommendation. I love my VAPRESSO Target PM 80!!! Kudos to her and her team.... Thank God I found the Best store in my area. Most definitely recommend this store.
Paris E Brown

Awesome, knowledgeable, and helpful staff. Quick service, extensive inventory, reasonable prices.
Aireol Blackstar

I absolutely love Carly!! She was knowledgeable, an so very helpful for a first timer and under the COVID circumstances. I'm so very satisfied and thankful for her. I hope everyone has the best experience like I did even under the self distancing. Carly has made me happy I found and chose this company. You better not loose her!!
David De Windt

Nordstorm of Vapor storesGreat staff all around! Elizabeth deserves much kudos for taking the time out especially in this current time (COVID19) to call clients and let them know their open for business just in case we are in need. I greatly appreciate the service and staff!