50 reviews

3Fifteen Ann Arbor (Formerly Ann Arbor Healing)

marker Ann Arbor, Michigan


50 reviews
Luis Smigielski

I gotta say that this dispensary is one of the best I go to, I ran into a slight problem with one of the products I bought, but the manager who's name I'm not 100% sure about but I think it's Frank, he was extremely helpful with my issue and handled it VERY professional!!! So thanks and definitely 5 Stars from me!!!!Ok I'm not sure how to add a NEW review, but I have to say, that today is 4th of July and I have family here from out of town, we decided we wanted some edibles at about 6:45 pm so went on the website and was told NOTHING about hours being different for the 4th, so not only did it not mention they were closed, it LET ME ORDER, AND TOLD ME IT WAS READY, So I drove up there leaving my family knowing I was gonna be gone at least an hour, but assuming it will be ok, cuz when I get back with the gummies everything will be really good, but now I have to spend over an hour away from my family who are in from out of town, and had to come back empty handed, it was a waste in so many ways, it cost what I'd say is precious time with my family, but that's not even mentioning gas and wear and tear on my car, I know it's not the ppl who run the place's fault, I put the the blame solely on the 3fifteen franchise, they should have better informed customers of the status of EACH INDIVIDUAL stores hours and weather they were open or not, and quite frankly I'm fed up with 3fifteen franchise and I spend A LOT of money there, I'll find another dispensary if this is how there gonna treat us the franchise gets a 1 , the ppl who work at Ann Arbor location still get 5 's
Blahblah Blacksheep

Receptionist doesn't know anything about testing yours nor their product. At this point I am unsure if their products are tested, nor if I can get my product tested.
Hunter Griffith

Would have to visit again cant leave it like it is from one visit

I did curb side pick up and the guy who was helping me was very considerate and helpful!
Amos Kohler

Awesome place