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American Shaman of PA

marker Lancaster, Pennsylvania


2 reviews

High quality, organic and fast acting. I'm so glad I dont have to buy online. The water soluble full spectrum cbd is amazing!
Mrs. Conner

What an amazing experience. We showed up very close to closing. Francine did not rush us and took the time to talk to us about the products being offered. It was a late Sunday evening and my daughter was looking for cbd ejuice. I gave American Shaman a call and asked them several questions, at one point I had to call back because I thought of other questions. I even got lost and had to call for a landmark. At no time was Francine short or angry with me. I am so glad they took time for us that day.Okay so let's talk about the product. My daughter has sever anxiety and autism. We needed something asap as she ran out of her cw. American Shaman states that the cbd they have is water soluble and can be used as a tincture, ejuice or in water. They also claim that it is 90% bio available as a tincture and 30 to 40 percent bio available when vaped. I'm not sure that I buy into it being water soluble and therefore being more bio available. As far as I know cbd is only fat, and alcohol soluble. What I can say is my daughter likes it and says it helps.My two suggestions are A) phrase have more then two flavors to sample B) pricing is a bit much. It was 60 bucks for a 30ml bottle. Mmj is cheaper, ejuice is cheaper and other brands are cheaper. It is not sustainable for my daughter to pay 60 bucks a bottle. It is helping in the pinch but she will have to find something more cost effective.The environment is really calm and spa like, they do offer military discounts and have a points system for repeat customers. Overall it was a great visit and it is worth checking out.