50 reviews

Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center

marker Portsmouth, Rhode Island


50 reviews
Tj Silva

You guys have some of the rudest staff Ive ever had displeasure of speaking to. Jasmine HUNG UP on me when I called to ask a question about curbside pickup, but not before giving me major attitude. You shouldnt be working in a customer service job if youre going to get aggravated that a customer has a basic question. Youre not better than anyone because you work at a dispensary, learn some basic manners and some common courtesy. Highly recommend you teach your staff some basic customer service. You guys lost my business.
Suzy S

Excellent product, excellent staff.Jazz treated me wonderfully, she helped me find a flower I couldn't find anywhere.She was friendly and I left in a great mood.Thanks
kelly Halstead

Prices are outrageous....go to slater in providence they have better products & prices!!!
Shannon Browe

Great selection of higher thc strains along with excellent customer service. Thanks for carrying the SeaWitch line of topicals, they are amazing!!
High Spirits

This place constantly advertises a higher THC% than is listed on the actual bud. This week they pushed $54 quarter's of 'Refined Taste' @ 24%THC. The barcode on the bottle was 16%.... not the first or second time this has happened. Look for yourselves.