50 reviews

The CBD Store RI

marker Warwick, Rhode Island


50 reviews
Brian Lemay

Michael and his team were knowledgable and helped me and my fiancee find the right CBD product for our cat whom was just diagnosed with cancer. It seems to be helping him. Very friendly service here folks, support local business. Michael sells only quality and at more than fair prices.
Melanie Chauvin

I've been taking CBD capsules with melatonin from here before bed, and I've been sleeping much better! Highly recommend it!
Miriam Aguilar

Got my first vape today and let me tell you, you need to get yours while Mike has them in stock. I have tried others and this is the first one I feel instantly and the feeling is so relaxing and the taste is also great. I was one of his first customers and I will never go to another CBD store. Thanks Mike
Jack Sampson

Will return soon! Place is clean, well-decorated. Manager was very knowledgeable, friendly, worked within my budget, gave me options. Super generous!! Let me try a tincture, a gummy, and the sports cream. Everything worked. I left with some cookies and I'll be back again.
Nessy Mullins

Amazing customer service! Very knowledgeable and informative! Must visit!