6 reviews

Castaways Consignment & Resale

marker Murrells Inlet, South Carolina


6 reviews
Laura Young

I have been consigning with Castaways for 2 1/2 years now and have been very satisfied. Jode is a delight. Of course they try to be discerning in terms of what they take to consign--it helps no one if there are items that won't sell. I have always found Jode to be fair and accommodating, and she has a good eye for what is marketable.
Sandy Sunset

My personal experience as a seller has been horrific. There is no accountability here at least with me. I received no inventory sheet with asking prices and no verification of items received. I was never advised of when each selling period would end. You do not get a text, email or call at the end of that period. They promised to provide me with a sheet listing what sold and they never did. I had at least 17 items and received a check for under $25!!! That's cheaper than a garage sale and many were Alfred Dunner. They advised me I have to keep track of everything. I have delt with resale shops all my life and never delt with owners and staff that do not provide you with a receipt of goods taken in and dates of sales reduction and closing. Every store notified me that I had a check waiting. When I picked up that check, it showed me what each item sold for. Must be nice not to account to the people who provide you stock!
Janine Steinmetz-Waldman

The Young Lady saved my Life 3 weeks ago. I became unconscious& she called the paramedics, she is always bean a great acetate to your company.
Robin Pejsa

Just downsized to a house in The Inlet half the size of our old place. Been looking for someplace to drop some antiques and custom pieces where the value might be recognized. Thought it was my lucky day when I parked next to the 'Castaways' car in a shopping center. I pantomimed to request a business card. The woman inside glared at me and actually ' shoo'd' be away like I was a panhandler invading her personal space. My last experience at consigning antiques I tolerated a 60/40 split. So with my limited math skills I'd say the instant karma of that rudeness cost her around $700. I'm still smiling about how God warns me about people that aren't worth my time.
Elizabeth Robertson

Staff was polite, but the owner charges a one time fee of $25 and a 50/50 split. I was not impressed with the quality of clothing and accessories. I think $25 is far too much of a fee and decided not to consign with this shop