50 reviews

I Heart CBD

marker North Charleston, South Carolina


50 reviews
Kristen Hucks

QUALITY CBD SHOULDN'T BE THIS EXPENSIVE. When I shopped here, the associate gave a lot of information, but I found the prices to be significantly higher than CBD I've bought before at another place in mt pleasant. Nevertheless I decided to purchase since traveling to mt pleasant wasn't going to work for me that day. I was not informed ahead of time that only cash was accepted unless I used the ATM inside the store w/ a $3 fee to use. I thanked the employee for his help and decided to leave and it didnt seem to phase him at all to lose me as a customer.. I went to the mall and found lowcountry wellness solutions and my experience there was above what I could have asked for. She gave free samples which I could tell a difference before I left. The prices are much better and the products work really well. Even edibles were significantly cheaper in price for full spectrum cbd Theres a lot of competition out there in CBD. I'm confident that this store has good cbd products but the price is far too high. He speaks of quality is the reason the price is high but I can say from experience that you dont need to spend that much for quality CBD. UPDATE: The owner claims my review is bogus because I referenced another store. I did so to help someone else who was looking for CBD and doesn't want to pay so much. I think the store i mentioned is now closed but I still recommend for people to do their research and find less expensive CBD. The products here are seriously overpriced.
Daniel Moore

Enjoyed stopping by the store. Prices were very good. Employee was very helpful with explaining all the options. Definitely will shop here in the future.
William Hannah

Shayla was amazing. Great location
Justin Walczuk

Amazing selection of high quality cbd products, with a helpful and knowledgeable staff. My best cbd experience yet

Love the products and the service is great! Prices and selection are very good. Heading there in the next few days to stock up!