50 reviews

High End Glass&Tobacco

marker Sioux Falls, South Dakota


50 reviews
ali brzostowski

Such a big amount of verrying glass peices and all your smoking needs.
Alexander Witt

Very impressed with how this store has turned out. I used to be a customer when they first opened and hadn't been back since. Great layout and big selection of quality products. Affordable pricing. When I went they had 50% off all papers and wraps. Saved over $75. We'll be back. Superior.
Amber Brennan

Pretty shop but I think the selection could be improved they just didnt have very much to choose from but the customer service was really good.
Justin Servold

Hands down best place to go to in Sioux Falls and there new location, in Sioux City, best customer service and Rodney and his employees know there stuff!, and there not awesome out there trying to jack the price up unlike the other competitors in town!!
TJ Barnes

The service is legit. Super helpful and knowledgeable. The quality exceeds the price. Only go here for my needs.