36 reviews

7th Heaven Smoke Shop

marker Killeen, Texas


36 reviews
Ester Valido

Stopped by because of all the 5 star ratings and let me tell you, it's my new go-to CBD store! First, I drove by two other CBD stores just to get here so I was already anxious, but they had '35' 5 star ratings, so I had to see what made this particular store that much better. There's not a lot of parking and it's located in a plaza off a side road from the expressway. It looks like a nice boutique style store once you walk in. It's packed with just about everything you need from smoking accessories, gummies, teas, pre-rolls, flowers, cigarettes-like packed stuff, etc. They've got 'party packs' and different potencies for the gummies. It was wonderful. He was great, too. Not pushy at all. I had some questions, and then asked what else I should be asking being new to this. He walked me through the products and listed the options and prices. As well as how to use. Highly recommend and definitely see why they are rated so well. I'll definitely be returning to this store and recommending to everyone I know. Thank you for the fantastic experience!
Michael Bair

I went in just wanting some wraps walked out buying the koolest coffe mug ever. Very pleased for ever customer and I live in cove. Thanks for the light sir.
annette sanchez

Latasha Mayhorn

The best place to go for your anxiety
Spontaneous Love

Definitely the best store to get CBD products at! They have food and drinks! Great place .