16 reviews

Aloha Nutrition

marker Layton, Utah


16 reviews
Kay Lucas

Smoothie was good server needs an additude adjust ment
Brayson Pettegrew

This is the place to go for natural nutrition and health products. Craig is super friendly and really knows about the different products. Aloha is the best place in town to buy kratom.
Nettie Lucas

I was highly overcharged for the oil, but I was the one that decided to pay that much! $35.00!!! Shame on me. Later online I found it sooooo much cheaper. The oil is great though. I cannot say I will ever have a good price from Aloha.
Joseph Carty

Had a hard time finding products that werent expired. Almost all homeopathic remedies were expired and some almost 10 years ago....would give one star but the staff was very knowledgeable and had good service. Seriously guys if you cant keep your stock fresh you shouldnt be in business. Expired supplements are either unsafe or lacking original potency. Unacceptable.
Alley Marie

Highly recommend , a lot of different products and knowledgeable staff. Love this store.