4 reviews

All Natural 4 U CBD

marker Pendleton, Indiana


4 reviews
Amy Whetstine

I was having terrible pain in my lower back that was radiating down my right leg. After trying this product I was amazed by how much relief I experienced in just a short time. It took about 15 minutes and I was able to walk around without pain. I would highly recommend this product.
KathieJo Dove

I am beyond grateful for the numerous benefits I have received from all of the Zilis Ultra products and the amazing help from Jeff & Dawn!!After the sudden death of my 26 year old son nearly 2 years ago, I developed many issues, to be honest, many days I had no motivation and didn't even want to be here myself! I was being treated 2 x's weekly for 8 weeks from a holistic doctor, which indicated that my adrenals were a MESS! I received some benefit from that, as well as my various mood, energy and sleep issues, but it just wasn't enough!THANK YOU ZILIS for being enough! Even my bad shoulder & neck issues are gone! Never want to stop using these products!!
Dana Kirby

I have been in several wrecks over my lifetime resulting in back, knee and feet pain. I couldn't do stairs but one step at a time! After trying a seven day sample bottle. I experienced many areas of relief. My back wasn't hurting my knees were not hurting and my feet were not hurting. I can run up and down stairs now! I have tried several CBD oils and none really helped until I found Ultra Cell! I have been taking now for a year and live pain free!! Not only has it helped me but my entire family is living proof of this product! I THANK GOD FOR A MIRACLE PLANT (HEMP) EVERY DAY!!
Jeff Richardson

I have been experienced extreme back pain, and knee pain for years. I have tried a number of different CBD oils, and really did not experience much relief .With in just a few days of taking the UltraCell CBD Hemp oil I discovered my knees and back were feeling much better . I have been taking the oil for over a year now and live a pain free life .