50 reviews

Alternative Therapies Group

marker Salisbury, Massachusetts


50 reviews
James Elswick

Really clean, spacious location with a really friendly staff. Somewhat of a limited selection, but still lots of options. I can't really say if it's pricey or cheap for the area, because I'm just visiting from California, but I can honestly say it's some pretty fire weed it's really tasty and the head change was just what I was after...definitely worth a visit.
Erik Johnson

It's important to exercise our god giving rights. It's so sad that other states have to live under a crazy, fake, oppressive prohibition. All for the sake of snatching our rights away from us.
Demming Rocker

My wife and I love this place and the products are awesome
Carlos Ramirez

Clean, organized, courteous, awesome staff. This place is well managed, everyone is so professional.
Sean Bancroft

Friendly and fast. There comps went down but the clerk told us right away and told us we could wait or come back if we'd like. Great experience! Highly recommended!