50 reviews

Alternatives Vape Store

marker Salt Lake City, Utah


50 reviews
Addison McGarrity

I always give businesses the benefit of the doubt. So I gave this place 3 chances. 1. Price gouging big time on the vandy vape Jackeroo. Selling just the mod for 119.00. Peak Vapor sells the entire starter kit for 84.99. 2. Not selling coils for the tanks they carry and sell. 3. The last straw was going to buy some juice. Pulled in the first stall in front of the door. They closed in 5 minutes. Guy walked up to the door locked it and shut the open sign off as I was closing the door on my car. So I went a mile down the road to quick pik saved myself 15 bucks and got what I needed. I would recommend almost any other vape shop than this. If you want true excellence peak vapor is where its at. Sad part is I am willing to drive the extra 10 minutes down to there store before I will ever shop here again.
Sara Spence

This place is my favorite! The guys that helped me were super sweet... they really took care of me! The the store is clean and has so many options from vape to supplements. Highly recommend.
Crissy Murphy

Seriously? Entered this store and an employee playing chess sneezed right at me. Grow up and learn to cover your mouth! Won't be back there.
Mike Kellermeyer

Knowledgeable, friendly staff. Fair prices and great customer service.
Sierrah Loa

Seriously feel rushed every time I go in there. Instead of explaining things more they just rush me. Im new to vaping and its annoying when I have questions but theyd rather rush me than help me.